Product Test

Where possible our staff check all Battery operated Toys so that we know that they are in working order before they leave our warehouse.

Why does my new toy have an unusual smell?

The smell is not uncommon and it doesn't exist with all vibrating sex toys, but for many it does. The smell is caused by the combination of materials used to manufacture your toy. The quickest way to eliminate the smell is to wash your toy with adult toy cleaner or mild soap, and let it air out before you use it.

  • 1 Make sure your batteries have not expired.

  • 2 Make sure the battery contacts are clear of paper or residue. This will ensure that the battery will have a clean connection for providing the most power

  • 3 Make sure that the batteries have been inserted properly.

  • 4 If the toy is not working, try adjusting the batteries to make sure they are making contact. If your batteries are in good condition and installed correctly and the vibrator still doesn't work, check that the base cap is tight. A lot of waterproof vibrators come with a rubber grommet at the base to prevent water from entering battery compartment. For the contacts to reach the battery, it's often necessary to tighten up the base but not over tight.

  • 5 It's OK to tighten up the base as long as you're twisting the base, and not the adjustment dial - be careful not to break it! Twist the base until it comes in contact with the batteries.

  • 6 Some vibrators come with a paper or plastic insert inside the battery compartment. Before removing them, consider that vibrators often work best when these inserts are left in tact. They cut down unwanted noise by separating the battery from the outer casing and allow the battery to fit snugly in its compartment. If the insert is not installed the battery could rattle against the outside casing causing a lot of noise, the inserts also act as a moisture barrier, helping to prevent unwanted moisture from coming in contact with the battery.

  • 7 If you haven't already, check the battery compartment for a battery diagram. If it isn't written on the paper insert, it might be imprinted on the casing inside the battery compartment, on the battery compartment lid, or written on a card included with your vibrator.

  • 8 Store your batteries outside of the toy to extend the battery and sex toy life.